Extruded Aluminium Enclosures Are So Easy To Customise

extruded enclosures

ROLEC’s mobilCASE and aluDISPLAY extruded aluminium enclosures are easy and cost effective to customise

Specifying extruded aluminium enclosures for your electronics offers you a big advantage over folded or diecast cases – much lower customisation costs.

It’s just a question of cutting the aluminium profile to your desired length. But that’s not the only benefit.

Models such as ROLEC’s mobilCASE handheld enclosures speed up installation times because the PCBs simply slide into the single part box section.

And if you prefer even easier access to your electronics then ROLEC offers a two-part version. It also enables simpler through fitting of buttons and keypads.

ROLEC mobilCASE is rated IP54 for the two-part cases or IP65 for the single-part version. It’s one of seven IP65 enclosures offered by the company.

You can specify mobilCASE with or without a battery compartment (2 x AA or 4 x AA) simply by choosing which diecast lids you require: flat (8 mm) or deep (16 mm).

These enclosures are available in six standard sizes (ranging from 118 x 120 x 80 mm to 168 x 240 x 130 mm). Custom sizes are available on request.

And while mobilCASE is principally a handheld case, it can also be worn with a carry strap or attached with swivel brackets to a desk, wall or machine.

If you need something larger for displays then view ROLEC’s aluDISPLAY range of extruded aluminium controller enclosures.

They’re available in three standard widths (display area) of 180 mm, 240 mm and 300 mm. The enclosures are supplied to the customer’s required length and can be held in the hand, wall mounted or fitted to a suspension arm.

ROLEC aluDISPLAY comprises an extruded case profile, two diecast end sections and a removable front panel. Like mobilCASE, it features internal guide rails for rapid installation of PCBs.

Choose from three types of aluDISPLAY:

  • Handheld/mobile
  • Type W with hinged brackets for mounting on walls or desks
  • Type T with an adaptor to fit the taraPLUS suspension arm.

Prices start at £41 for mobilCASE.

Contact the ROLEC sales team for more information about aluminium electronic enclosures. Don’t forget to ask for free samples!

Heavy Duty Handheld Enclosures For Industrial Electronics

There are plenty of tough plastics but sometimes only metal will survive the most demanding industrial environments.

ROLEC aluminium handheld enclosures for electronics

ROLEC’s handCASE, mobilCASE and aluDISPLAY handheld enclosures

And if you’re specifying handheld enclosures that immediately poses questions about case weight and ergonomics.

But it need not be a problem – not when you’re specifying ROLEC aluminium handheld enclosures.

ROLEC is best known for go-anywhere standard electronic enclosures you can fit to walls, machines and bulkheads. But it also offers handheld cases:

  • Ergonomic diecast handCASE (IP 66/67) – available as Type S (with a display/keypad-shaped lid recess) or Type R (with an all-over lid recess for larger membrane keypads). Both types can be specified with or without a battery compartment (4 x AA or 2 x 9V).
  • Light and comfortable mobilCASE (IP 54/65) – its extruded construction makes it easy to manufacture cases to your preferred length. PCBs slide in, reducing installation times. Options and accessories include tilt stands, swivel mounts and battery holders (2 x AA, 4 x AA).
  • Extruded aluDISPLAY (IP 54) – like mobilCASE, aluDISPLAY can be easily manufactured to custom lengths. It can be handheld or surface mounted. Type T models can be fitted to taraPLUS suspension arms.

All these enclosures can be customised to your specific requirements. Services include CNC machining, custom colours, printing and engraving of legends and logos, EMC shielding and assembly of components.

Contact the ROLEC sales team for more details. Ask for free samples.

Specifying Diecast Aluminium Enclosures For Electronics

aluminium enclosures

ROLEC’s wide range helps you specify the right enclosures for your electronics

IP ratings are often the starting point when specifying aluminium electronic enclosures.

IP 66 enclosures can withstand powerful water jets but not high temperature and not at close range. For that you need IP 69K. IP 67 cases can fully immersed but only in a metre of water or less.

But ingress protection – as important as it may be – is not the only criterion when specifying enclosures.

Recessed lids for membrane keyboards or product labels; hidden fixings; EMC shielding – these too are important considerations.

Will you be installing your units in challenging locations? If so, ROLEC aluCASE (IP 66/67/69K) can be installed with the lid closed to protect the electronics and the seal.

The lid also features integrated retaining straps so it remains safely attached when open – perfect for installations at height. Options include a transparent lid for displays.

Will you require industry standard sizes? If so, specify aluPLUS (IP 66/67): its eight industry standard sizes range from 125 x 84 x 59 mm to 260 x 160 x 90 mm.

Need to install and remove units quickly and easily for regular maintenance? Choose aluCLIC (IP67/69K) with its click-to-fit concealed mounting plate.

Like the idea of aluCLIC but want to step up the security? Opt for aluSMART (IP 67/69K).

It too boasts a hidden mounting plate but this time the case is screwed in place to prevent tampering.

All these enclosures are highly versatile. But sometimes you need something designed for more specialised applications:

Need more advice? Get expert help from the ROLEC sales team – and don’t forget to ask about customisation and free samples.

Which IP66 Enclosures Are Best For You?

You know how much protection your electronics will need. You’ve narrowed it down to a rating – such as IP66.

But there are still lots of questions to be answered before you’re ready with your final specifications. Such as the case material…

IP66 enclosures for industrial electronics

ROLEC offers IP66 enclosures in diecast aluminium, stainless steel, GRP, polycarbonate and ABS

Strong, light, non-corroding aluminium enclosures are an obvious initial choice – and ROLEC offers a wide selection.

But diecast aluminium is by no means the only option. ROLEC also manufactures:

  • Polycarbonate and ABS enclosures such as IP66-rated technoCASE. It’s available in a huge range of standard sizes. Polycarbonate is very tough and it’s also UV resistant (although ASA+PC-FR is better for this).
  • GRP enclosures (highly resistant to chemicals). Two of our three glass reinforced polyester cases are rated IP66 – polyTOP and polyDOOR (hinged lids, with/without window). Both offer optional moulded lid screws with a choice of screw heads.
  • Stainless steel (A2 and A4) enclosures – the toughest of the tough, particularly suited to challenging marine and offshore environments. Rated IP66/67/69K.

There are lots of other considerations. Will your enclosure be fitted to a wall, machine or bulkhead? Or handheld? Or mounted on a suspension arm system? Our commandCASE (IP66) is ideal for the latter task.

Will you require industry standard sizes? Or the added protection (and aesthetic benefits) of hidden fixings? ROLEC’s aluPLUS gives you both these benefits plus much more.

Like a number of other ROLEC enclosures, aluPLUS also offers the benefit of ‘lid closed’ installation, protecting the seal and the electronics.

What about EMC shielding? Our conFORM or conTROL cases have built-in contact ridges so no EMC gaskets are required.

And conTROL features a deeply recessed lid to protect buttons and switches. It’s the go-to enclosure for machine control applications.

Then there are other factors, such as whether your enclosure will require two chambers (aluTWIN) or ATEX certification for hazardous areas (aluKOM-EX).

Or whether – in a market dominated by rectangular cases – you’d prefer the world’s first round standard aluminium enclosures for electronics.

Need more information? Contact our sales team for expert advice – and don’t forget to request a sample.

More Than Just Metal: ROLEC Makes Tough Plastic Enclosures Too

ROLEC is best known for its die cast aluminium enclosures for industrial electronics (and its V2A and V4A stainless steel cases).

But the firm also manufactures heavy duty plastic enclosures designed to cope with a broad spectrum of working environments.

Rolec plastic enclosures

ROLEC offers a wide range of plastic enclosures for industrial electronics

ROLEC’s glass reinforced polyester enclosures are highly resistant to chemicals.

Toughest is polyTOP (IP66, IP67) – fully insulated polyester cases in 13 industry standard sizes. Features include corrosion-proof stainless steel inserts and optional moulded lid fixing screws.

Meanwhile, polyDOOR (one of ROLEC’s wide range of IP66 electronic enclosures) offers a hinged lid and the option of a transparent window.

Completing the GRP range is polyKOM – tough, cost effective IP65 cases in 15 standard industry sizes. They’re similar to ROLEC’s tried and tested metal aluKOM range.

Need a case that can withstand hard knocks? Specify technoCASE in tough polycarbonate – the thermoplastic used in riot shields and CDs. It’s also available in ABS as standard.

IP66-rated technoCASE’s recessed lid can accommodate a metal front panel, membrane keypad or product label. Fixing screws are hidden beneath colour-coded trims. Integral lid hinges are covered.

Highly versatile technoCASE allows users to combine different high and low sections to create their desired enclosure. Choose from 25 sizes. Watch this video to find out more.

Need enclosures for outdoor electronics? Specify technoPLUS pole mounted enclosures – each has a dedicated mast attachment as standard and is moulded from ASA Luran for UV stability.

IP66/67 technoPLUS is designed to be installed at height: lid fixing screws are captured to stop them falling out during installation; retaining straps hold the lid in place when it is open.

ROLEC also offers ABS enclosures (IP66) for indoor use. The starCASE range can be installed ‘lid closed’ to protect the electronics and seal.

Benefits also include concealed fixing screws, integrated lid straps plus an optional lid lock, security kit and security pins.

Then there’s the technoBOX range – modern and attractive enclosures in 10 industry standard sizes (nine with recessed lids).

Request a sample for evaluation – contact the ROLEC sales team for more details.